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With over 20 years of experience in the local market area we have the reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy source for real estate valuation.

When credibility matters, call The Appraisal Center first.

We have helped our clients with appraisal services for:

  • Divorces
  • Estate Planning
  • Settlement
  • Expert Witness
  • Donation Valuations
  • Trust Accounting
  • IRA Investments
  • Asset Division
  • Bankruptcy
  • Property Tax Appeals

Divorce:  A majority of the appraisals we do for Divorce proceedings are settled with a single valuation by The Appraisal Center.  By engaging a company with a trustworthy reputation of being unbiased, your clients can save time and money when the opposing council agrees with the selection of a valuation professional.

Estate valuations:  We have access to the historical sales data necessary to provide credible valuations for estate purposes to establish “date of death” valuations.  This is essential for establishing a tax basis when an appraisal was not obtained at the time of passing.

Appraisal review:  Sometimes you may question whether an appraisal report you have been provided with is credible.  Let us help you make that decision.  We have the experience necessary to provide you with a reliable review of another appraiser’s report.  This may help you to challenge the validity of an appraisal or show that an appraisal report is indeed credible. When it comes to matters of a legal nature, give us a call.  We have the experience and reputation you are looking for.

Needed a quick and accurate appraisal for divorce. The Appraisal Center was on point, on time, and the opposing attorney had no concerns about the valuation report. Great experience! I would recommend using The Appraisal Center for any need you may have.

Keisha S.

Fort Valley, GA

My grandmother passed away two years ago. We needed an appraisal for the date of passing for IRS reporting. The Appraisal Center was able to provide an appraisal based on that date two years ago as well as a current appraisal so we would know how much we could sell it for now. They were on time, and very professional. I highly recommend.

Bobby R.

Hawkinsville, GA

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In addition to standard appraisal services we also provide consultation services, building/house measurement services, building/house plans and specs review, appraisal review.

Looking to relocate, call us for a consultation. You don’t have to get a specific appraisal, but we can discuss market data to help you make an informed decision.

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