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Buyers – know what you are buying.

When buying real estate, be smart.  Get your own appraisal so you can make informed decisions. Have peace of mind and know the real value of what you are buying. Property records and on-line data can be wrong.  In fact, it is rarely accurate.

If your lender orders an appraisal, this gives you a second opinion for peace of mind.  Keep in mind, lender’s rarely consider experience and local market knowledge when assigning an appraiser.

Also, the appraisal ordered BY the lender is FOR the lender.  That appraiser has no accountability to you and cannot discuss the appraisal with you. 

When you order an appraisal from The Appraisal Center, we can discuss the appraisal with you and answer any questions you might have to help you make an informed purchase decision. 

By obtaining an appraisal on a property you are purchasing, you will:

  • Be in control of your purchasing decision.
  • Know the real square footage (appraisal contingency clauses in contracts typically involve only the value, but if the home is significantly smaller than advertised you may not have an opportunity to cancel the agreement based on the lender’s appraisal if the appraised value is equal to or more than the contract price.)
  • Have a reliable source for any questions you might have about the property or the market.  (The lender’s appraiser cannot legally discuss the appraisal with you.  But, we can!! and we are happy to do so.)
  • Have a second opinion to compare with the lender’s appraisal. 
  • Get reliable information typically faster than waiting on the lender.  This can afford you valuable time during a due-diligence period to make important decisions.
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Don’t waive your rights, know your value.

Some lenders offer appraisal waivers or other alternative valuations.  These are not appraisals and you should not rely on them.  Know the value of what you are buying with a professional appraisal completed by The Appraisal Center.

Only a Licensed or Certified appraiser can perform an appraisal.  Computer generated estimates are not an appraisal. 

With over 20 years experience in the local market area….  you can rely on us. 

Professional, super easy to speak with, extremely helpful due to living out of state. The Appraisal Center team was able to make arrangements to view property without needing us to be on site. Customer Service PLUS!! He was able to provide a payment link and send the appraisal report electronically.

George M.

Anderson AFB, Guam

Jody was willing to answer questions I had about the square footage of my home. His experience and knowledge shows. Great company to work with! Helpful and friendly with the upmost customer service.

Charlotte V.

Macon, GA

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In addition to standard appraisal services we also provide consultation services, building/house measurement services, building/house plans and specs review, appraisal review.

Looking to relocate, call us for a consultation. You don’t have to get a specific appraisal, but we can discuss market data to help you make an informed decision.

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