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The Appraisal Center can help you with the valuation needs of your clients.  With 20 years of experience in the appraisal industry we have the knowledge to provide your clients with the most reliable valuation information.

Whether you need a valuation for :

  • Capital Gains
  • Bankruptcy
  • Division of Assets
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Settlement
  • Donation
  • Tax Appeals
  • Trusts & IRA’s

We are here to help.

Estate valuations:  We have access to the historical sales data necessary to provide credible valuations for estate purposes to establish “date of death” valuations.  This is essential for establishing a tax basis when an appraisal was not obtained at the time of passing.

Additionally, we recommend that heirs obtain an appraisal within the months following an inheritance.  While we currently have access to historical market data, this is not guaranteed in the future.  Obtaining an appraisal near the time of passing eliminates the possibility of current market data being lost in the future.  Date of death valuations are essential to calculating a stepped-up basis for capital gains calculations.

We are familiar with the needs of the IRS in regards to appraisal reporting.  We have helped countless clients establish a stepped up basis for a date of passing.  We are also able to help determine if an alternative date of death valuation would be beneficial.

We have an extensive list of Estate Attorneys and CPA’s that rely The Appraisal Center.  Let us add you to our growing list of repeat clients.

My brothers and I were in a debate over how much our father’s estate was worth. A call to Jody at The Appraisal Center was well worth it. They were able to perform an estate appraisal for us and left us with the confidence we needed to divide my father’s assets equally. A big shout out to The Appraisal Center for helping our family during a trying time.

Olivia F.

Alpharetta, GA

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In addition to standard appraisal services we also provide consultation services, building/house measurement services, building/house plans and specs review, appraisal review.

Looking to relocate, call us for a consultation. You don’t have to get a specific appraisal, but we can discuss market data to help you make an informed decision.

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