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Building spec homes in a new subdivision?

Ask your banker to give us the opportunity to do these valuations. We understand that building costs are never static. We also understand that your time is money. We offer solutions that speed up the process while taking into consideration the changing costs of material and labor.

Building a custom home for a specific client?

We have over 20 years of experience completing appraisals based on plans and specs. This is the stage of construction where it is most important to get the market value right. Problems can arise with the permanent financing when the pre-construction appraisal is not reliable.
We have seen this unfortunate scenario play out far too often when the pre-construction appraisal is done haphazardly. Make sure you request The Appraisal Center to avoid those time consuming headaches at the time of closing.

Call The Appraisal Center. A little bit of time and money spent beforehand can save a lot of time and headaches down the road.

Looking to maximize profits and avoid issues with ‘low appraisals’?
Lets spend some time together discussing your development plans and pricing strategies. We can discuss structuring the development for maximized value versus cost before final plans are completed.

Property measurement:
Want to list the houses at the accurate square footage?
We can calculate the post-construction measurements at the slab stage.

At today’s prices, a few square feet can equal thousands of dollars. When that figure is multiplied by the number of homes in a subdivision, the resulting money left on the table can be quite significant. This is an easy way to squeeze every dollar out of your development. Let us provide you with post-construction measurements.

We know that you want to maximize your dollar/sf of every house you sell. Don’t leave money on the table by under marketing the square footage of your houses. We see this scenario play out over and over again where new construction homes are listed at the GLA indicated on the plans. Far too often, this square footage is not the same as the final build. This is a significant hidden cost to the builder and it lowers the dollar per square foot of the comparable sales.

Why leave this money on the table? Call us for accurate ANSI measurements on each and every house.

I always ask my lenders to use The Appraisal Center for all of my construction loans. The Appraisal Center consistently delivers on time and they understand that construction costs are never static. I would highly recommend The Appraisal Center to any contractors. They are the best.

Tracy B.

Warner Robins, GA

We noticed that The Appraisal Center was the most consistent of all the appraisal companies doing work in our subdivision. So we worked with our preferred lender to make sure that The Appraisal Center was assigned to each of our loans within the subdivision. This helped expedite the closing process significantly and it reduced the amount of underwriter revisions that slow down transactions. The appraisers at The Appraisal Center are very professional and accessible. We will be sure to refer them to anyone looking for a reliable appraisal company.

Rob B.

Warner Robins, GA

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In addition to standard appraisal services we also provide consultation services, building/house measurement services, building/house plans and specs review, appraisal review.

Looking to relocate, call us for a consultation. You don’t have to get a specific appraisal, but we can discuss market data to help you make an informed decision.

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