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what we do

Expertise in the Field by True Professionals

A professional appraisal company offers a range of valuable services that can help individuals, businesses, and government agencies make informed decisions related to real estate.


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Valuing you & your real estate

how we work

Modern Strategies
Classic Results

We are very fond of old-school customer service, but we are a modern firm using up-to-date technology to get the most accurate data possible.

You work directly with us

Not a sales rep. Not a phone tree. Not a chatbot. Directly with us…always.

Real Up-To-Date Information

Sometimes we miss the simplicity of pencil and paper, but outdated adjustments and theories are just not part of our practice.


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In addition to standard appraisal services we also provide consultation services, building/house measurement services, building/house plans and specs review, appraisal review.

Looking to relocate, call us for a consultation. You don’t have to get a specific appraisal, but we can discuss market data to help you make an informed decision.

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